Welcome to the SafTrack Auto Club

The SafTrack Auto Club is a complimentary benefit program only available with the purchase of BG automotive products and services, and is provided to you by your independent BG dealer.

SafTrack is dedicated to proper vehicle care and helping you achieve the economic, safety and environmental benefits that consistent vehicle maintenance ensures. We provide our Auto Club exclusively to BG customers as an expression of the confidence we have in their products.

Emergency Roadside Assistance

In addition to the use of this site, your membership includes* :
• 24 Hour Emergency Towing Service
• Tire Repair and Replacement Coverage
• 24 Hour Emergency Road Service
• 24 Hour Emergency Battery Service
• 24 Hour Emergency Delivery
• Lost Key or Lockout Service
• Travel Benefits and Discounts
• Trip Routing Service
• Theft and Hit & Run Protections
• Trip Interruption Coverage

How Can We Help You?
Service Specials  Enter your SafTrack Registration number to contact your BG dealer, price a BG Service, schedule an appointment or check out their latest information and other Service Specials.
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Find Fuel Prices  Find the least expensive fuel in your area without the drive. Enter your Zip Code and view a map and information for up to 100 fuel stations in your area sorted by price.
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Local Traffic  View the traffic in your area or to your destination before you hit the road. Enter any Zip Code and check current traffic flow and conditions.
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Search Recalls   Check your vehicle for factory recalls, safety recalls, defects and consumer complaints. Access information specific to your vehicle from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  * Complete details are provided upon customer registration as benefits may vary.

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